Sa. 13.12.2014 – 19:00h

Presentation-discussion on anarchist movements in Belgium

Based on posters and other publications from there, the
presentation will go through various tendenciescover-brique-par-brique of anarchist 
movements in Belgium. It will soon mostly 
focus on struggles against prison and all 
the different tactics involved – from 
publications, squats, demos or wild parlors 
to sabotage and other direct actions. 
Although the struggles today are, in many 
regards, quite impressive and inspiring, 
the idea of the discussion is not to praise 
them. While sharing enthusiasm, stories and
doubts about it, we want to use them to
discuss and reflect: on our own practices, 
struggles & tactics, and our own desire for 
freedom and drive to fight – within daily
                       life or social field. Welcome!

Die Veranstaltung über anarchistische Bewegungen in Belgien wird auf
Englisch stattfinden. Falls gewünscht, wird sich schon wer für eine
simultane (Flüster-)Übersetzung (Eng.<->Dt.) finden :)
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